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What is action management?


Maybe the first question should be – what is an action? An action is something that somebody needs to do and generally by a certain date. There are many examples of actions: John needs to prepare a plan by the 11th May Mary need to arrange a meeting to discuss risks by the 22nd October…(Read More)

Most projects & companies manage risks on a risk register (either on a spreadsheet or in a system like ours – HURDLE) and will use a risk matrix to complete the risk assessments. A risk matrix looks like below and has one axis for probability/likelihood & one axis for impact. A risk that is identified…(Read More)

What is risk management?


Risk management is the process of identifying, analysing and managing risks that could arise during an activity. There are 3 main components of risk management Risk identification – simple review of an activity to highlight risks. Risk assessment – An evaluation of the risks to determine how likely they are to be an issue and…(Read More)

In all businesses there’s actions to track and that means spreadsheets. Lots & lots of spreadsheets, that get copied, corrupted, deleted and worst of all forgotten 🙁 With RELAY none of these things happen because all actions are securely stored in one place. Set the system up so it matches your needs, monitor it yourself…(Read More)

HURDLEpro is our complete management package to keep track of all your risks & actions. It combines HURDLE & RELAY in one working area to make sure everything is covered. Click on the link below to get a copy of the information brochure. It covers features, benefits, pricing & contact details. hurdlepro brochure Get in…(Read More)

To help you get a better idea about the HURDLE risk management system, we’ve knocked up a small information brochure. It covers features, benefits, pricing & more. Get a copy of it by clicking below.. hurdle Brochure Contact details included as well just in case 😉 &nbsp…(Read More)

HURDLE our risk management system is shortly going to be getting an update making it even simpler to use and more configurable for each company. The changes will be live in about a months time and will change the way probabilities and impacts are assessed. Once complete, individual clients will be able to completely configure…(Read More)

Next up in the series highlighting potential uses of the RELAY online action tracking system. Remember, these are only suggestions and the system can be used to track any and all types of actions & tasks. Shutdown Action Tracker This time we’re looking at using the system to track actions for a platform shutdown…(Read More)

This is the first in a series of posts to help explain the benefits, functions & potential uses of the RELAY action tracking system. Let’s keep things simple. Relay is an action tracking system but what is an action? An action is a task or activity that needs to be completed. Ok, so what…(Read More)

RELAY – 100 club


Before we get into the series on examples and uses for the RELAY action tracker, we’re delighted that one of our main clients has hit the 100 user mark! The system is currently deployed across 15 active projects with users from different departments & countries. Welcome to the 100 club! &nbsp…(Read More)